Flashback Friday

img_4221Get your happy dancing feet on, it’s Friday. 😁
It’s been a busy week here, but it’s over nearly and time to relax and enjoy the weekend. Do you have plans?
I do and that’s to do as little as possible while watching others work, 😝
I really have high hopes for this year. I’m determined to be happy, to enjoy life. But right now life seems to have other plans for my family. So far it’s been testing, I’m very worried about my mum, she seems to constantly have a head ache, which scares me, with her history and her tumour, it’s really not a good thing to have headaches all the time. On top of that I’m worried about my baby cousin, who is going through a very personal health scare but the icing on the cake is, my favourite great-uncle who has been more like a grandad to me, was blue lit to hospital, he’s really poorly, so fingers crossed he’s going to be ok. The world will be a much darker place without him.😢
But still I’m staying positive, I’m still smiling and I’m still growing.
I will win this war.
Anyway enough of the depressing stuff, it’s Friday people.
Time to reflect.
So I’ve looked back over old post I’ve made on this date since we started this blog and the first one I read was kind of fitting.
Have a good one peeps, stay safe, stay happy and don’t forget to move those dancing feet. 😃


So much truth.

Couldn’t say it better myself.

Maybe my beliefs aren’t your beliefs.

Maybe my way of seeing the world isn’t your way
Maybe my dreams seem to high.

Maybe my hopes and faith seem silly
Maybe what I see as pretty you don’t
Maybe my idea of love seems unrealistic
Maybe my aspirations seem to far out there.
That’s okay
They are after all mine.
So I will believe in what I feel is true
I will see the world for what it can be
I will dream as high as my dreams can reach
I will hope and have faith until my last breath
I will see beauty in nature and seek it in others.
And I will keep my beliefs and aspirations alive.

For love gives my life it’s breath and fuels my passion.