Flashback Friday

img_4230I really don’t know what to write about my week, I can’t seem to sum it up in my own head, I can’t even remember what I did on Monday and have no clue as to where the week has gone.
As I sit by the roaring fire and try to get my brain fog to lift, I know that I must have achieved something this week, even if it’s been mainly spending money.💰
I’ve been rather naughty and ordered lots of things, I really need a slap, internet shopping has become a little of a habit but it kind of makes me feel good, I love getting happy mail.
Can I justify it though?
Sure I can because it’s helping to tick off my house to home goal list.
New king bed, cupboard doors (for my spare room, cousins room), lush sofa set for the garden, new bedding (I’m a sucker for bedding, there just is something so delicious about getting into clean new sheets), a huge snugly blanket, a fluffy throw (ok that’s a bit of a silly buy as I am making myself one, but hey you can never have enough blankets), a black coconut Yankee candle (I’m interested to see what it smells like), two different sets of bedside units and new bedside lamps, some more balls of my favourite yarn, a new school bags for my little rascal, and still I think there may be more, I can’t remember 🤔.
Damn, when it’s all written down, it looks really bad.
Note to oneself,
“Stop spending money.” 😝

My crafty goal list doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller even though I have ticked off one blanket and I’m nearly finished a second one, which happens to be the hardest make to date, it’s taking so much time and concentration but I must say it’s looking pretty damn fine. I how ever have broken my rule to not starting anything that’s not on the goal list until the list is completed. Somehow though I’ve managed to start making a cable cushion, boy its hard but I’m proud as punch that I can actually do it.
Cable blankets have always been a favourite of mine, there is just something so scummy about them. They are one of the main reasons I learnt two different craft skills.

Anyway enough of my bore and onto the good old Flashback Friday.
So without further ado, I give you.

Reminder to myself.

There’s a lot of important time to be spent discovering yourself and this journey doesn’t need to be empty or painful. YOU need to fill yourself up with love.. self-love.
Become a whole being on your own.
Go on adventures,
explore your passions,
wander around the city and see new sights,
sit in coffee shops and read,
write on bathroom stalls,
leave notes in library books,
dress up for yourself,
give to others who can’t pay you back,
smile and have fun.


2 responses to “Flashback Friday

  1. ive been here a year, as of today. i bet youve been blogging longer, so how long has it been?

    as for self-love, go for it. but be sure let people send a little extra your way ❤ cause theyre happy to do it.


    • Congrats on you Year 🥇It goes by so fast. Mine started Jan 2013 but it was all changed two years ago. The first site was so much better but this one does its job of being my outlet. I really would be lost without it. You are very sweet and you comments always make me smile. Thank you. 💝

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