No man could truly tame a wolf.

I have/have had the busiest week, ten ton of deliveries, a huge work schedule, lots of sorting of furniture and moving it around the house, which leads to cleaning and more flipping cleaning, hospital, bloods and venesection’s, add to that a trip to the theatre 🎭 (I hope I don’t sleep through the show) and a few meals out, the list can go on and on.
It just happens that I have the wolf banging at my door.🐺
I feel extremely rough, exhausted even, my bones ache and my joints are so swollen you can’t even see that I have knuckles.
Brain fog, a splitter of a headache, blurred vision, seems to make everything so much harder.
I don’t often moan when I’m in a bad flare but boy, this time it hurts and has me thrown against the wall, the wolf is at my heels and I’m feeling the pressure.
Motivation is always a tricky one in the mornings, I really have to push myself to get going, no amount of coffee seems to do the trick, I know I have to push on, push past it. I need take the wolf by the balls and fight with all my worth.
I seem to be loosing, all I want to do is, climb back into my lovely new bed and sleep for a month.
If only I could.
I need to tame this wolf !!! 🐺