Completely utterly

I’m completely utterly proud.

My baby cousin who lives with us, has been through a hard few years.
From constantly urging with his mum, being unhappy at home and getting into not the best company, he asked if he could move in with me.
Of course I said yes, I had grown up in an unhappy home, scared to death of my step father, I rebelled and got out of home as fast as I could, which lead me down the wrong path, one that was worse than my step fathers belt. I was young and foolish, marriage wasn’t the answer especially a violent husband who liked nothing better than to put me in my place with his fists. šŸ‘Š

I had to give my baby cous a chance to turn his world around.
And even though we have had trying times due to his heartbreak which took him along the road of drinking and light drugs. Somehow we managed between us to get him through college, a degree in computer science and design also passing with the highest marks in public survive, which opened doors to the marines. (What an achievement šŸ˜ƒ)
He made the rash decision to not go down either of those paths and decided to train to be a life guard along side chemical training.
He passed and has scored himself an awesome job at our nearest sports complex.
Not only that, within the month of starting his new job, he’s been made chemical supervisor, along side pool supervisor. Not bad for a just 18-year-old.
I’m so flipping proud of him, and that’s really an understatement.
He’s turned his life around and is a cracking lad who everyone he meets loves him, I think his cheeky grin has a part to play. šŸ˜
I really couldn’t be prouder.
It really warms me to think that he has proved himself to those that never believed in him especially those school teachers šŸ‘Øā€šŸ« who constantly told me that he’s wasting his life away and will end up as a nobody.
They have to eat their words now because he is doing better than fantastic and I’m glowing with pride for him.
He’s such a good kid, that got lost along the way, in doing so he stumbled along a path that has given him so much more than he ever expected.
The world really is at his feet now and it’s just the beginning of his adventure through life.