Flashback Friday

Not much to report this week, I’ve spent most of it feeling a tad under the weather, so I’ve sat and started the massive task of making new cushions for my mum.

I have though been talking to a few of my people about their unhappy marriages. šŸ‘°šŸ»šŸ¤µšŸ»šŸ’
It’s such a shame that people just give up on relationships when a little hard work, conversation and a listening ear could save thousands legal fees. šŸ’°
If you love someone fight for them, if they are your world, give them your world. Life is far from easy, love is even harder but it’s also worth giving your all for.
We all give up before we have even tried, that truly saddens my soul.
Saying that, the flashback for today’s Friday, tells a different story, one where love just doesn’t come into it.
A violent marriage shouldn’t be fort for.
With that said, this is my story and I hope it may give someone the fighting chance to walk away.šŸ¾
So without farther ado I give you this weeks Flashback Friday.
Stay strong, stay true and enjoy your weekend.šŸ˜ƒ


Stepping back in time to a new marriage and hope of a peaceful future. Boy wasn’t I wrong.
Can’t say I was overjoyed to be a Mrs, but it had got me out of home and what I thought was a better life.

Wedding bliss didn’t last long. My husband became a control freak and I went back to the dark ages.
His tea would have to be on the table when he got home, I would have to be waiting with coffee made, a news paper and slippers in my hand.
The bath running so as soon as he ate it was ready for him.
I got use to this and thought maybe this is the way it was in every household.
As the years went on Rob would control who I saw, who I spoke to, even told me how to dress.
Sadly I turned to a drink here and there to help control the ill feeling I was building up. I still played the good housewife, did what I was told and played by his rules.
I remember one day I got home late from work, and his tea was not ready. This is the first time I felt his hand. I was shocked, in pain and totally convinced it was my own doing.
I was in the wrong, I should have got home quicker

I forgave and thought he won’t do it again
But he had found a power over me, he loved the control.
The beatings got worse from then on.
I could see no way out and I was told by my step father that marriage was not something you walk away from. “You gave yourself to him the day you wed in the eyes of god.”
I stuck it out, I don’t know why, I hid the bruises well, so I thought.
I closed in on myself, shutting the world out.
I became scared of everything and felt like there was no way out.
But there always was, I could have left at any time, but he made me feel so weak that I truly didn’t believe I could walk away and hold myself together.
Finally one day, I found out my husband was having a relationship and that was my get out.
I packed my bags and ran

Since that day I have never looked back, I found myself again and I was strong enough to stand alone and face the world.

I now will never let anyone lay a finger on me and the first time they do, they will be my past.

Anyway the motto to my story is
No matter how weak someone can make you feel, how alone in the world and how useless you feel.
You are stronger than you think and you can walk away. You can be true to yourself and live without fear.

Don’t let any one every hurt you, make you feel worthless. And the first time your partner hits you, don’t tell yourself it’s a one-off because it is not. They will not change.
Get out before it destroys you.