You could have

It makes me so flipping angry and sad that so many distressing images of yesterday’s events in London, have been posted on social media, some by the public and some by media organisations.

So it seems that passers-by saw someone horrifically injured by some low life manic, and rather than help in any way they could, choose to get out their phones and take images of the dead and dying people.
Media organisations descend and capture what they can as ‘news’.

As an ex photographer, the last thing I would do is take images at this time.
Those that have should be utterly ashamed.
You could have tried to save someone, instead you chose to take a picture.

What is this world coming to???
It’s wrong, so very wrong. 😢

They may just be a gossip story to you but they are people, humans, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, husbands, wife’s and someone’s child. They are someone’s world, their everything and you let them down, you let our country down but most of all you let yourselves down.
I hope those photos are worth having to live with that fact.

You could have been their hero, you could have made a difference but still you choose to be an asshole!!!


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