Welcome to the week

Welcome to the week from hell.


This week has been playing on my mind for a few weeks now.
Not only do I have to see my main consultant to discuss surgery but it’s a huge week for hospital appointments for my family, the outcomes of these is beyond scary.
One could lad to my mum loosing her driving licence as her brain tumour is effecting her vision and having to face having more brain surgery to remove yet another tumour. I really can’t see my mum go through that again, it was distressing enough the last time and I know she is scared about going back under the knife after the heart surgeon made the biggest mistake of his life resulting in our poor mum flatlining 7 times. I fully understand why she never wants to have another operation in her life.
Also my dad’s brother is facing a fear all of his own, the big old C word is haunting our family right now, lung cancer is more than a tad frightening. Fingers crossed it’s something that can be fixed and that, the terrifying word isn’t the words he hears tomorrow.
One good thing this week though, is I’m booked in for a tattoo. I have wanted to have this tattoo done for a long time now. It holds a special meaning, but also the most heartbreaking meaning.
We are also going to design my cover up. At least that is something to look forward to. 😀
Can I press fast forward yet and let this week be over.


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