A powerful grip indeed

Have you noticed that we live in a world that our faces are always glued to screens, either our phones, iPad or computer screens.
We are slowly but surly all becoming recluses.
One reason I like to escape once in a while to my dads and mums, life is a different pace there and no one spends their time glued to a screen.
Social media seems to be a way of life and I think we have forgotten how to really communicate with the people around us. Conversion is becoming a thing of the past, that isn’t a good thing. It’s an addiction……granted Face-book has its uses …nice to see(some) holiday snaps..chatting to friends & loved ones far away, organising get togethers/gigs etc,raising awareness,discussions, showcasing creativity and a bit of friendly banter, but it concerns me when people get together and literally already know what each others been up to ,there’s no surprise anymore.
People seem to be to busy documenting the moment and how much fun they’re having rather than living in the moment and truly having fun!
I see people glued to there devices even when out with friends, possibly hiding some social anxiety – due to them only being able to converse through a device, taking photos of their diners…oh look.. another avo-f**in-cado !!…please stop …I like avocado its sooo underrated 😃Oh and ladies, why have you all of a sudden got MASSIVE EYES ?? 👀Take photo, add bulgy eye effect, apply some contrast for tan!
And what’s it with the dog ears and noses 🐶, and don’t get me started on that pout, it’s really not the best look.😗
You all look fine without all this shizzle!
Social Media it’s now just become a big stage for mass vanity…daily updates on what ones wearing before they go out…ummm…no need, the people who actually care will see you later when your out (hence the surprise). I think it’s all got something to with an underline insecurity/acceptance/validation/ego through the amount likes…..Hashtag this hashtag that, record labels/clothing labels,squad-goals,photo-shop, instagram image consciousness.. passed down on to us by the plastic non-role models that infect our media to distract us from the real news and issues, and trust me they are out there.
Try This….just go on shitbook once a week or longer if you can! It’s liberating! …like less …phone more (something I’m still working on)! write a letter who doesn’t like getting a letter?

Take a step back and see if your dependent or not! 99% sure most are.
I did this a while back and thought I’d like to close my account and just text/email so on.
I must say I’m shocked how I just couldn’t do so….
A powerful grip indeed so I now reduce the use or escape to Devon!