Flashback Friday

Another week is over, and Easter long weekend is here. 🐣
I’m sure we are all buzzing that for most of us work is over and out, for the next few days. Time to spend much-needed time with family and friends, swooping chocolate eggs and Easter greetings.
For me every special holidays remind me of past ones and it saddens my heart at what I have lost and loved over the years. Even though my memories are wonderful and treasured, they hurt me intensely.
With that said it really does brings me joy, watching Marley-Kate’s face alight at egg hunts, picnics and of cause all the chocolate eggs she can dream of.
A smile firmly on our faces and we shout out, colder/hotter as her excitement grows as she looks behind, under, on top, below what ever comes across her path as the children dash to discover how many eggs they can find. The delight in the knowledge that I know she will not be greedy and she’ll share out her finds.
It’s the perfect way to end a pretty good week.
As per the norm, it’s been crazy busy this week.
After an amazing weekend, last week, I’ve been in good spirits and I’ve been determined to keep my mood high. We’ve visited friends and family, we’ve laughed and we’ve cried and slugged our guts out digging, trying our up most to do what we call blue jobs in our garden.
The sun has tried its hardest to warm our aching bones as we’ve sang silly songs while working. Even though we’ve struggled to do everything we wanted to achieve, we both hold pride that we’ve tried, even if we didn’t fully succeed, lol. 😂
All in all it’s been a pretty special, smile filled week.

So as we sit down with coffee, hot chocolate, hot cross buns oozing with butter it’s time to reminisce with good old flash back Friday.

I know exactly what post I would like to share with you today after yesterday’s blog post.
So without further ado I’ll wish you all a wonderful Easter and I give you……

What is love. ❤️

What is love ?
Is it just a feeling that can not be put into words ?
Is it sexual attachment ?

For me it’s butterflies in my tummy, it’s feeling that when you with the other person, you feel complete, it’s wanting to spend every minute if possible with them. It’s feeling that you belong. It’s loosing yourself in their eyes, it’s floating on ecstasy, it’s wanting to please the other, it’s putting them before yourself, wanting their happiness above everything else.
It getting lost in each others company and missing hours just because you feel at home and content in each others company.
It’s belonging.
It’s a force of nature, pulling two souls together, them lighting up your world with a single word or smile.
Love is understanding and expecting each others faults.
It’s chemistry, trust, lust and respect rolled into one.
Love is an emotional bond, that you have no control over.
It’s the greatest feeling in the world but also the hardest.
It’s friendship with passion.
It’s two lost souls coming together to make one.


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