I’ve often wondered

I’ve often wondered why I can feel so lonely when I’m with a room full of friends.
How can I feel so very alone, even though I never seem to be.
That the world is constant noise and I’m the voice that is lost and drowning out.
How come even though I feel so alone, all I want to do is jump on a jet plane and run away so I can be alone.
Screwed up isn’t it.
But then it clicked!!!
No matter how far I run, no matter how many people I have around me, no matter how loved I am, I’ll never feel unlonely because he’s not here. The better half of myself is not here. My soul mate isn’t here.
In truth I’m not lonely or alone, I’m just incomplete.

It’s not life…..

Sometimes life really gets to you or does it?
Isn’t it more like your mind head fu**ing you.
Isn’t it more like you drive your own self to the point of despair, to self-destruction.
You think, you think some more and then still some until your mind has twisted and turned and spiralled out of control.
If only it would stop and maybe than we can all see logic, see the truth and begin to except it.
It’s not life that FU**S us over, our own minds that are our own worst enemy.