What is wrong with schooling these days?

What is it with schools these days?
Why can’t they help the children who have a passion for certain subjects?
One of my cousins children is extremely passionate about spirit, all he wants to do is complete and improve on his skills and his personal bests. He dreams of complete for his country and if I do say so myself, he’s bloody fast.
He recently has started competing for the youth development league and for his home town, he’s been offered private sponsorship but still the school have no interest or intention to help him, they haven’t even given him a place in the school athletic team, which is an utter disgrace on their part.
This child has goals, dreams and a future planned out which he understands could only stay as a dream due to many different obstacles such as being spotted.
I know the struggles he faces as I was once a very talented athlete who was lucky enough to be spotted and trained, sadly life had different plans for me and I let my dream of running for England go within baby steps of making it. (One of my biggest regrets in life so far)
Shouldn’t these teachers be pushing him, training him, encouraging him, doing their up most to help him fulfill his dreams which I believe he is more than capable of achieving, he’s good, really, really good.
A few weeks ago I went to watch him compete and my god that child flies, he is fast, I mean very fast and at such a young age.
If I have noticed and a complete stranger has noticed, why haven’t the school.
He keeps telling me that they are an IT school and that’s all they care about. It’s totally wrong and makes my blood boil.
This young lad also is pretty damn good with math, he sits and plays maths puzzles online just for fun but still the school haven’t picked up on his talent and love for math. In infants he would be doing his much older bothers homework and get everything right.
For some reason that passion has faded now and he openly admits that it’s down to his teachers. šŸ‘Øā€šŸ«
I just don’t get it, why would they let this fire burn out, why have they let him give up on something so important. Isn’t school all about Math and English, aren’t they the key to college? (I have my own views on that, but hey ho, that how the school rolls)
It really does infuriate me.
Marly-Kate’s school is the same, she has her passions, and they don’t seem to care, they seem to hold her back, at least she has a whizz kid living with us that is teaching her all about computer science, coding etc and thank god for programs on-line that are now focusing on young children learning code.

I really believe that the schooling system is wrong, the way they teach is wrong, maybe not for some, but Marly-Kate is a visual learner, she learns through doing and not being preached at.
I know some child learn well that way but what about the children that are left behind because they don’t, it really is a sad kettle of fish.

I’m not sure if my ramblings is getting my point across, maybe the below video will sum it up better.
I just hope that things can change a little and give the child a chance at their dreams, their goals, their destinies.


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