How to train

How on earth do you train a man/lad to put things in the dishwasher?
All the guys I know including my dad always put their duty mugs, plates etc straight in the sink.
Not one of them opens the dishwasher to check if it clean or dirty and more so if it’s clean would they unload it?
Sadly this has become a pet peeve of mine.
Ok, ok I admit it, I’ve always been a little OCD and like a tidy house, I’ve chilled loads over the last few years but while I was living in Brighton, London and Paris, I know I was a pain in the ass with being well Ott about having everything in the right place, clean and tidy.
I really have changed in that respect along with being able to chill out. Before I was always on the go but Ross changed me and I managed to just chill when I was with him. I so loved those days when we did absolutely nothing but enjoyed each other.
He really did change me for the better.❤️
Still though, the whole sink issue, really does rattle a nerve, and I know I’m not alone on this one. Lee drives Sammy around the bend, Brett nearly kills Faith, Cassie has no hope with my bro and my mum takes it all in her own stride but you can often catch the eye roll. 🙄
So what is it about just dumping it in the sink? My baby cousin even leaves his leftovers on the plate and drops it in the sink. 😵
How can I train this nipper to open a door, that’s easy right? Pull out the shelf and place his dirty wears in there?
If you have managed to train your other half or any other male, please let me know how and maybe just maybe, you can save a lot of women a hand full of hair. 😂


One response to “How to train

  1. a few things about this–

    the main problem with a dishwasher and sink combo is the sink looks like a perfect loading area for the dishwasher. and by “loading area” i mean “long term parking.”

    the real problem is that theres no communication about clean/dirty dishes in the dishwasher. i mean that becomes the perfect excuse. if i OPEN the dishwasher and i cant tell if the stuff in there is clean or dirty (i usually cant!) then putting it in the sink is “safe.”

    once a clear protocol (one that people actually care about) is established for the dishwasher, then and only then is there a foundation for putting stuff in there.

    i realise that this may not fix the problem. however, without getting that far, it is unfixable. good luck! (without that much of it sorted, i couldnt help you if i wanted to.)


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