The gift of

With so many birthdays over the last few weeks and with my not so little nephews today, it has got me thinking about presents.
I try to always give presents as it’s all to easy to buy a card and throw a few bank notes in it and it’s done and dusted.
Isn’t it more special if you actually put some time, thought and energy into it? Doesn’t it show you care?

Of course lately I’ve been trying to give home-made gifts but that isn’t also an easy task and with so many Birthday this month, I just haven’t had the time to do so but still I have taken the time to find that near on perfect gifts, well I hope they are anyway. 🎁

Little Mitch’s pressie for today was extremely hard to get right as he lives with his mum and dad in Paris and I really don’t get to see him often making it that like bit harder to pick the perfect gift. I guess I will find out later how Marly-Kate and I got on picking that one.

So a few years back, when life was like living in a dream, when every waking moment was blissfully beautiful and my heart sang with love, I had the most special gift made.
It was a poem written for me that I had made into a song by an awesome friend of mine and his band.
Music has always been a huge part of my life, my soul and my coping mechanism so this pressie meant everything to me and it breaks my heart that I never got to give it to Ross the way it was planned to be given.
It’s wasn’t a birthday or Christmas gift just a little something special to say “I Love You”

I can’t believe that the one truly perfect gift that took months on end to pull off, time, love, friendship and energy went into getting it done, I’m sure hours upon hours went into practice and recording never got to be given in the manner it should have. I would have loved to watch his face when he heard it for the first time.
But still I’m really couldn’t be more grateful to the guys who helped me get the perfect pressie for the perfect guy.

Another friend of mine also helped me with a second pressie, this time I knew it would never be received or heard but still the pressie that Dan gave me was really a gift from me to Ross, one that I knew he would never hear but still it was for him, maybe one day he may stumble across it, I guess I’ll never know but still I know deep down that this beautiful song was written about me and my love for him.
What made this gift even more special was that Ross had come across Dans music on YouTube and he had spent me one of his beautiful songs.
Over the last few years I became friends with Dan and he ended up writing a song from me to Ross and truly its beautiful, it makes me cry every time I hear it, I really love Dans voice and on top of that he’s pretty awesome, not just his soul touching lyrics, his goosebumps voice or his excellent personality, he a really nice, caring guy and I wish him all the best in life because he deserves to have all his dreams, hopes and goals fall happily upon him. Dan I really can’t thank you enough.
I can’t stop thinking about how I never got to give these two absolutely perfect pressie to the love of my life and that cuts through me like a knife.


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