A funny old thing

Life is a funny old thing.
One minute it has you on top of the world. 🌎 Your so high on life you know you’re living the dream. Your dancing on rainbows. 🌈 You’re the cat the got the cream.
And then it all comes crashing down around you and you find yourself in the deepest of despair. 😩
Another chapter over and you have to somehow climb out of the darkest hole what has your most horrific heartbreak and fears pulling you down even further into the darkest depths of hell and there you stay, clinging on to life unable to pull yourself out as the grip that’s around your soul and grows tighter and more rigid as you struggle to take control.
You can see this flicker of light, a pinprick in the distance. It holds hopes, dreams and meaning, it teases you as you use all you willpower to cling on to the flicking light that dances in and out of force.
Are you strong enough to hold on and fight the darkness, the fear, the crushing feeling of broken dreams, shattered hearts and you will to carry on.
Are you strong enough?


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