The biggest lesson

A lot of you know what I’ve been through and what I have overcome. In my blog, I always try to inspire others to take control and work on a better life.
I still struggle, massively, but the biggest lesson is that no one can make anyone else happy, they can help but it’s mostly it’s you. It is not their responsibility. It’s completely an inside job.
The moment that clicks in you, you’ll start making the small steps to change. You have to want the change, sadly that’s the hard part. It’s continuing to push forward when you fall down and still keep going and moving on believing you deserve better but that has to come from you.
If you wait for someone else to fill the hole or to “fix you” you’ll be waiting forever, I know this full well .
Start with gratitude for every small thing you take for granted.
The fact you are alive and breathing is an example you can have a fresh start today and that should be looked upon as a positive thing.
Make your time on this planet count not for others but for you!