How to save……

That bridge over troubled waters grows ever so much longer and harder to travel.
The feeling of helplessness cripples and tightens with every waking moment.
Each thought, solution, words of wisdom get lost in the emotions that ripple through the growing storm that builds uncontrollably.
The waters rage, the bridge rocks as I hold on to hope that calm and light with conquer the darkness.
As I hold out my hand against the elements hoping he will find the strength to grab hold and fight against the crashing waters that pull him deeper into the depths of despair, I’m lost at how to help him save his life.

When someone you love as one of your own, is so lost in self loathing, guilt and pain, how do you even begin to help him heal?
When all words, support and love just seem to get swept away in the hurricane that destroys every thing in its wake, how do you keep hold?
When the lifeline you throw, gets battered, torn and lost in the sea of darkness, how do you overcome and conquer the elements?
He’s lost and I’m desperately trying to save him.
How do you save a life that hasn’t the strength to hold on?

Image credit – Johnny Vegas Hold on