Rumours kill

Rumours destroy lives.
They are intentional, cruel, vindictive, brutal, hurtful and damn right nasty.
Before you begin to believe the cold hearted crap that people spread, think twice before believing it or opening your mouth to pass it on, because once you do you are as bad as the person who started the rumours in the first place and with spreading them you play a part of a life being destroyed, not just that life but their family’s and loved one also.
Every rumour cuts deeper than a knife, causing internal damage that can not be seen from the outside, with every twist in the rumour, that blade rips harder, deeper and even more devastating than before.
That one last twist can kill.
Rumours kill.
Think twice before you listen, believe or spread the evil that rumours are, as maybe one day you will be the person on the other side of the lies that are being spread or even worse you will have to live with the consequences of your part of spreading those rumours, damn right lies.



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