Under attack

Why is it some mornings you wake up and just feel blurrrrr.
Today is one of those days.
I woke from a strange dream, feeling a tad pissed off and instantly wanted to cry.
Nothing is wrong apart from all the devastation that going on in the world.
I’m pretty happy and was looking forward to the last day at home with Marly-Kate.
So I drag myself down the stairs, make coffee and sit in peace and quiet while flicking through my favourite websites, making the most of me time before music blasts from my cousins room or Marly wakes and wants to cook her own breakfast. 🍳
Still feeling out of sorts, I stumbled across a devastating photo of the forest fires in Montana.
Fear rushed through me, not knowing if my uncle, aunt and cousin are safe. (Thankfully they are) but still my heart is heavy. This world, this beautiful world is under attack from the elements and my heart bleeds for all the families that have lost so much.
I know belongings mean nothing but I can’t help but think of the memories that have gone up in smoke or destroyed by the floods. How do you ever replace those photo albums, those memories. It heavily pulls at my heartstrings.
So while I woke feeling, I don’t know what, I’ve no reason to. Life is precious and I’m sat drinking coffee when other are loosing everything they’ve known.
I know one thing for sure right now, I will definitely be practicing our fire album escape today. You know they say you only have two to three minutes to get out. That’s terrifying.
Do you know how you would?
It is so worth having a plan, it could save life’s after all.
And even though it unsettles Mars every time we practice, it has to be done.
So as I try extra hard to shift this mood and lighten this dull, grey, wet day my thoughts are with all of you that have troubles, and I wish my wonderful American friends, all the sunshine, light and strength they need.
Stay safe guys and have a great day.