Just saying

Inspiration comes from within.
Be positive, when you’re positive, good things happen.
Spread a little love everywhere you go.
And lastly
Smile its contagious 😁


Reminiscing, The Cherry On The Cake.

I spent young adult years of my life with one man and they were some of the darkest, most desperate and lonely times of my life.

Now it’s different…thank f***.

Now I share my life with a partner/an equal, someone who wants to know me and accepts me inside out and me likewise.

Someone who knows my truths and won’t judge because that’s not who I am now and me likewise.

A love where we want to please each other not because we feel we ought to but because it brings us joy,

where we don’t feel responsible for each others happiness but we are happy and content  to just be together.

Where we can talk about anything and know the other will truly listen.

Where we are always free to be ourselves and will forever find joy in holding hands even in the tough times.

His love has taught me that I am responsible for my own happiness but that having that special someone, my soulmate, is the cherry on the cake.

That dream

When a dream is so very vivid, all your years of soul searching and extremely emotional hard work, comes crashing down around you and you are left once again a shell of the person you once were.

And even though you were never completely fixed because a soul so broken can’t ever be as it once was, you’ve just learnt to somehow adapt to life as it is now.

But that dream, that breathtaking love filled dream, felt so real, was the most beautiful and incredible feeling you have felt since you’re heart and soul were smashed into a trillion pieces.

That’s dream along with its destruction, was worth it, so, so very worth it. 💗

Bringing back the LOVE 💗

It’s been far too long since I blogged, I mean probably blogged. 
So much has happened in my life and I can finally say I’m on stable ground and the closest to happy I think I’ll ever be again. 
The world has spun at full speed, I’ve walked in directions I never thought I would walk, I’ve said good-bye to my favourite run away and found peace at my parents new home and business venture. 
I’m trying my hardest to be the best mother I can be to Marly-Kate, while I’ve opened my doors to children who need the love that unfortunately they haven’t received at their own homes.
All the while I’m doing two jobs while being as active as I can in school life, while trying my up most to stay as healthy as I can.

It’s been a whirlwind of an adventure that’s for sure.

I hope to get a blog post up within the next few days to share a little more with you. May it be the stepping-stone I need to bring back the love, Ice Maiden Diaries has desperately been lacking so until next time,
Take care of your beautiful souls.
Much love,


We all live and deal with grief in different ways.
But our destination is all the same.


My journey there is a long winding, never-ending road of pain so deep, the cracks swallow me whole and spit me out mangled, bruised and battered.


Today isn’t the only day you should show that you love someone. 
The other 364 days of the year are equally as important.
Tell your partners, your children, family members, and close friends you love them as often as you can, life is short and we never know what’s round the corner.

And if you can longer be with your one true love, whisper

“I Love You”

And hopefully somehow  they will know that you still do.