Just saying

Inspiration comes from within.
Be positive, when you’re positive, good things happen.
Spread a little love everywhere you go.
And lastly
Smile its contagious 😁


That dream

When a dream is so very vivid, all your years of soul searching and extremely emotional hard work, comes crashing down around you and you are left once again a shell of the person you once were.

And even though you were never completely fixed because a soul so broken can’t ever be as it once was, you’ve just learnt to somehow adapt to life as it is now.

But that dream, that breathtaking love filled dream, felt so real, was the most beautiful and incredible feeling you have felt since you’re heart and soul were smashed into a trillion pieces.

That’s dream along with its destruction, was worth it, so, so very worth it. 💗


Today isn’t the only day you should show that you love someone. 
The other 364 days of the year are equally as important.
Tell your partners, your children, family members, and close friends you love them as often as you can, life is short and we never know what’s round the corner.

And if you can longer be with your one true love, whisper

“I Love You”

And hopefully somehow  they will know that you still do. 

This human experience

This human experience is harder than my soul thought it would be. 
I knew there would be hard times, lessons, experiences that would bring joy and love, but the flip side is pain and anguish. 
Bad decisions based on what you thought was love because that’s all YOU have in YOUR heart. 
It doesn’t occur to you that not everyone is the same! 
Light and dark times, we all have them, but it’s how we adapt to these challenging times that make us the people that we are. 

I will always try my best despite pain, anxiety and fear, I am doing my best every day.