Have you ever ?

Have you ever been so hopelessly in love that when you are together it hurts to breathe.
But when you are apart, breathing becomes impossible.

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes you loss yourself in the cascading blue pool that is his soul.
But when eyes are lost to yours, those beautiful blue eyes haunt your soul.

Have you ever held a hand that melts into yours becoming one, completing you.
But when your hands are torn apart, no other touch can’t mend you.


Reminiscing, The Cherry On The Cake.

I spent young adult years of my life with one man and they were some of the darkest, most desperate and lonely times of my life.

Now it’s different…thank f***.

Now I share my life with a partner/an equal, someone who wants to know me and accepts me inside out and me likewise.

Someone who knows my truths and won’t judge because that’s not who I am now and me likewise.

A love where we want to please each other not because we feel we ought to but because it brings us joy,

where we don’t feel responsible for each others happiness but we are happy and content  to just be together.

Where we can talk about anything and know the other will truly listen.

Where we are always free to be ourselves and will forever find joy in holding hands even in the tough times.

His love has taught me that I am responsible for my own happiness but that having that special someone, my soulmate, is the cherry on the cake.

Happy Birthday

The 25th November,  the day you escaped your mother womb, the day two special people, who will forever my best friends, were born.

The 25th was once a blast, too much alcohol and worn out feet, now it only holds silent tears.

So you would have been the big 42 today and I would have so taken the piss  out of you, you old fart. 

Not a day goes by that we don’t all miss you and remember the wonderful friendship we all had. We talk about you often and you will never be forgotten. 

If only we could see you panic about the grey hair you would be growing and the crows feet I’m sure you would be showing. That midlife drift, beer belly would sure as hell be hanging and yeap we know you would be freaking out. 

We miss you desperately and long to see your smile but we know you had to join the bestest of angels so your pain could fade. 

Watch over us and laugh as we all become that little bit older and we to will grow grey and age, while you will stay young and as many say perfect. 

Sleep well my friend and Happy Birthday. X