imageRoss, I wanted to return a promise to you as you did for me, and declare to the world my undying love for you.

You came into my life, not on horse back, but with something more. You came with friendship and a listening ear, you came with heart and soul. Little did I know that you came bearing the other half of mine.

You came and gave me life, hope and love. You opened up on mind and gave me the most precious gift of love. You gave me this without judgement.

You saved me from darkness and have given me light every day since then. You have put up with me at my worst and have stood by me, when I had no hope. You loved me, through my nightmares and gave my your hand to light up the path to contentment, you do all this without wanting anything back.

In doing so you have won not only my heart but my soul and mind, a million times over.

I know I am not always easy, and I try your patience at times, but I thank you for never giving up on me.

I promise you that I will try to over come my self dealt, stop my endless thinking, which drives us both a little crazy, I promise to try to think things through before I open my mouth and come out with my irrational thoughts. I promise to be a better person. I promise to always put you first and love you until we draw our final breaths and then keep loving you from the grave.

I promise to always do the right thing by you and give you me all.

I also hope one day that you will be my husband and we can live out all our dreams and desires together.

You have given me more love and happiness than I have even known or thought possible to behold.

You truly are one in a million. I am honoured to have you in my life and as my partner.

I love you,

Forever yours,

Rose x






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