Song a day for Ross

imageI miss sending you a song a day so I’m going to do it anyway, in hope you may one day see this.
Each song will have a meaning, a message, something special for you, or maybe just because I think it may make you laugh or just like it.

I hope you see this and one day it will make you smile, or dance around your room with a hairbrush.

I love you and I hope you will finally relies how much I do

Your my world, my soul mate, my lost other life’s, your perfect in every way and I love love love you.

(13th Jan 2013)

(12 Jan 2014)

(11 Jan 2014)

(10th Jan 2014)

( 9th Jan 2014)
Because me and mk want nothing more than to be jumping around the room to this.

(8th Jan 2013)

(7th Jan 2014)

(6th Jan 2014)

(5th Jan 2014)

(4th Jan 2014)

(3rd Jan 2014)

(2nd Jan 2014)

(1st jan 2014)

(31 dec 2013)

(30th dec 2013)

(29 dec 2013)

(28th dec 2013)

(27 dec 2013)

(26 dec 2013)

(25 dec 2013)

(24 dec 2013)

(23 dec 2013)

(22 dec 2013)

(21 dec 2013)

(20 dec 2013)

The lyrics are so true.
Use to sing this to you all the time.
Now I know every word, every feeling is more than true.

(19 dec 2013)

(18th dec 2013)

(17th dec 2013)

(16 Dec 2013)

(15 Dec 2013)

(14th Dec 2013)

(13th Dec 2013)

(12th dec 2013)

I love you baby so very much.

(11th Dec 2013)
Ross, I made you a little something for your song of the day.
I remember clearly the day we brought this Christmas decoration.
Happy days and great memories.
I wish so many things were the way they were, I wish we could be together, you’re all I want baby, Christmas or no Christmas, you’re still all I want.
I love you so much.

(10th Dec 2013)

Please come and find me.
I will waiting a life time and longer for you.
I love you.

(9th dec 2013)

(8th dec 2013)
Thought this may make you smile.

(7th dec 2013)
All I dream about is you.
Your my dream.

(6th Dec 2013)

(5th Dec 2013)

(4th dec 2013)

I could post any sh** here, as I’m sure you don’t look at it anyway
Well I know this song is old and not hip but the lyrics say it all.

(3rd Dec 2013)

Made this for you, had kinda fun making it and faced a fear.
Hope you like it, Lots of time, thought and hard work, by myself and my old work team went into this for you.
Because I love you.

(2nd Dec 2013)

(1st Dec 2013)
It’s all I want baby.

(30 Nov 2013)

I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.

(29th Nov 2013)
When I say I love you I mean it.

(28th Nov 2013)
Don’t want our story to end :,-(

(24 Nov 2013)
Ok so all the lyrics are not meant as I think I knew you better than I know myself but parts are.

(26th Nov 2013)

I hope one day you may just listen to these, I will keep posting in hope.

(25th Nov 2013)

So it’s your birthday and wanted to give you a little something special so two songs today

And second one to wish you a happy birthday

Both made for you with all my love, because I love you more than you will ever know.

(24th Nov 2013)

(23 Nov 2013)

(22 Nov 2013)

(21 Nov 2013)

(20 Nov 2013)

(19th Nov 2013)
Because I’m not over you.


(18th Nov 2013)

(17th Nov 2013)
No other reason other than I love you.

(16th Nov 2013)

(15th Nov 2013)
As always

(14th Nov 2013)

Two today again.
First one just because I think you may like it.

Second one and most important, you sent me this once so it’s already special.
It fits with my blog that I will post later
And yes you really are, you really really are.

(13th Nov 2013)
Brings back memories of chilling to music in your room, you running your hands up my legs

(12 Nov 2013)
Two songs today because your on my mind with the crap meeting I just had. I wish you could have been with me 😦
Here’s the first one

And here’s your second one, made from screen shots of our time on untold kismet.
Good days 🙂

Thought your story line for kismet kinda fitted this song so I had to make this for you. It’s made with love so much love. Love only for you.
Anyway I hope you will one day get to see this and that it will give you a smile even if only a tiny one .

(11th Nov 2013)
Made you a little video today.

(10th Nov 2013)
The lyrics say it all 😦

(9th Nov 2013)

Two songs today
First one because you showed me the music of Ed and his music will always be special because of that. I love this song, wanted to share it with you.
Second one because I would love to be snuggled up in bed with you, watching our film 😦

(8th Nov 2013)
I have and will always love you.
I know this song isn’t your cup of tea, but please listen to the lyrics.

(7th Nov 2013)

(6th Nov 2013)
Every lyric seems to hit the right key.
I miss you baby, so much, it’s killing me.

(5th Nov 2013)
Ok its soppy but wooo the lyrics are just everything I cant put into words myself.

(4th Nov 2013)

I wish for nothing more than to be waking up with you again. I miss you being the first thing I see.

(3rd Nov 2913)

Two today, one just because I miss everything about you, miss gaming with you loads so thought this one was kinda fitting.

Second one, just to say “I love you and yes I still want to grow old with you.”

(2nd Nov 2913)

(1st Nov 2013)

(31st oct 2013)
Two for you today.

Happy Halloween darlin

(30 Oct 2013)

(29th Oct 2013)
I have two songs for you today, one hopefully to make you laugh enjoy

(28th Oct 2013)

(27th Oct 2013)

(26th Oct 2013)

(25th Oct 2013)


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