Beauty comes from within.
You will never be beautiful like anybody that you see. You can only be beautiful like you.
One does not become beautiful by trying to be beautiful.
One becomes beautiful by finding beauty in what’s already within.
You are beautiful, you just need to notice and believe.

Summer time

Wake up it’s a beautiful morning.
How lovely is it to feel the sun on your skin, the cool breeze silently dancing around you, the birds singing, and the sheep barring in the fields around me.
There is just something so magical about summer days.
Good moods sore, until it’s time to sleep anyway, 😝.
I’ve never noticed before but the feeling of warmth is delightful, it even warms your soul somehow.
How can we not notice the beauty of life when spring suddenly feels like summer. The flowers begin to bloom with their smiling faces and the butterflies and bumble bees dance happily around them.
Even watching the clean sheets blowing so gently on the line has its own kind of wonder.
Summer is beautiful and truly magical.
Try and stop for a few minutes and take in the gorgeousness around you, breathe in the fresh air and let life brighten you.
Until next time, enjoy the sun and the wonders it brings.
Have a nice day.

Step by step

imageIt’s okay to not have all the answers yet. In fact, you’ll never have all the answers.
Sometimes being strong is the only choice you have.
There are some things in life that you may never completely get over, I know this all too well.
The best you may be able to do is get through them slowly, and that’s perfectly okay.
Just continue the journey, focus on the present, do your best, and trust the process. The struggle forward is worth the effort. There’s still a lot of beauty left to be seen on the road ahead, even though it may not be the way you saw your future, it’s still there to see.

Notice once again

imageAs the days are drawing in I can’t help but notice the beauty of the changing seasons.
Colour is every where, the trees are a light with the flames of Autumn, change is in the air as the breeze helps the crisp leaves dance as they fall.
There really is something magical about the way they dance and spin to the ground.
Somehow it just calms me and opens my soul to the delights of living.
As I feel my temperature drop, I can’t help but just sit a little while longer and take in the calmness of nature, the joy of my puppy and my little girl with her glowing cheeks, chasing the multi coloured blanket of fire, that spirals around their ankles.
With all the misery that’s in our world, how can something so simply delightful be over looked.
With the warm summer days far from mind and
my favourite season waiting just out of reach, I find an inner peace knowing that no matter how ugly the world is right now, if you just stop for a moment, breath and look around you, you will see that not everything is ugly with this world, you just need to pause and notice once more that the magic of life is all around us, dancing, floating, shimmering. We just need to once again notice.


imageRediscover the sensitivity of your childhood eyes.
The eyes that saw life as it is a beautiful compilation of tiny lives, each lived one at a time like snapshots in a family photo album. That saw beauty in flowers and rainbows and wild animals.
That marveled at fireflies and sunsets and starry nights.
That let you dream every instant with your eyes wide open.
See yourself sitting right where you are, breathing, and appreciating this chance to experience this moment.
If a child can see the beauty in it, why can’t we all.

You may not see it

imageOne of life’s greatest gifts is the fact that life is difficult.
You may not see it but we all have to believe in it.
Because in dealing with life’s difficulties, we build invaluable strength.
This strength enables us to successfully fulfill our deepest, most meaningful purposes. It is precisely because life is difficult that we are able to make it great.
It is because life is difficult that we are able to rise above the difficulties. We are able to make a difference and we are able to truly matter. When times are tough, you must be tougher.

Don’t pray for an easy life,
pray for the strength to endure a tough one that leads to greatness.
So start every morning ready to run farther than you did yesterday and fight harder than you ever have before.
It won’t be easy, but it will hopefully be worth it in the end.


imageI have been meaning to write this blog for a while now but how does one put into words the torment, pain, tears, worthlessness and fear that an invisible disease brings to our life’s.

The last few years have been hell, even with a strong mind and positive attitude, life has been incredibly hard, if only words didn’t fail me.
Yes at times I have begged for the pain to stop, to close my eyes, to fall asleep and let life slip away.
I hate to admit it but the struggle to get through an hour of a day has been way too much at times.
But not only once but a few times now when my body gave up the fight and the doctors/surgeons took it upon themselves to bring me back with I guess the help of a single voice that pulled me back to the land of the living.
Maybe it was a gift but I do at times wonder why, my life has been given the green light to continue when I wanted so badly to cross that fine line between life and death.
Maybe it’s for an unknown reason that I have yet to discover.
Or maybe I’m meant to be tortured a while longer. Who knows ???? I dealt I ever will know.

The thing is, life every second, no matter how hard or how sad, no matter how low I fall, how much I want out, life is beautiful.
Everything around me is a blessing.
From hearing my daughter laugh and sing, to even her tears, I’m so lucky I get to see and feel every emotion that comes with our life together.

To the birds singing in the trees, to the robin who sits so close to me and watches the world go by and waits patiently for me to loosen the earth so she can go about feeding her young, building her nest and putting joy into our life’s with her song and her beautiful red breast.

To the baby lambs that wake us up every morning, letting us know that the world is awake and we are missing the beauty as we lay in our beds.

To the kitten and puppy cuddling up together on a chilling evening, playing together as they teach each other new tricks in the game of life.

These are my reasons why life no matter how cruel it can be, no matter how far off the wrong path I may be, no matter how long the nights are and how lonely life can be and how much I miss and love certain people who I can’t hold close and let them know how loved they are.
No matter how bad the pain gets as my body fails slowly and the struggle to hold on to a normal life grows harder by the day. No matter how frustrating it is to not be able to run along the beach or just sit watching the waves crash against the shore.
Life is hard really hard as these diseases eat slowly away at me.
Life though is still a beautiful gift, if only we open our eyes to the smallest of things around us, I truly believe every tiny thing we take for granted is what makes life and living worth fighting. ❤️