A splash of colour to this increasingly grey world.

When it comes to creating afghan’s I tend to stick to what I’m use to and use colours from my safety zone, I think everyone is good at staying safely inside the lines of comfort.
Last week I came across an Afghan pattern that I’ve wanted to make for a while now but just haven’t got around to ordering the yarn pack and making it. The colour palette was based on a black background which makes the other colours pop making a striking blanket.
Working with black has to be one of my favourites but boy its a pain in the ass especially if you are crafting in low light, lately I have been trying to stay away from it for that reason alone.
I decide to bite the bullet and buy this gorgeous yarn pack until I noticed a new colour combo had been brought out.
It’s totally different from what I’m use to, the colours are far from my comfort zone but it somehow just called to me, with one click its was in my basket, a few clicks later, it was brought and paid for, not yet received or even dispatched but soon I will have happy mail at my door and a challenge at my fingertips.
I’m really excited if I’m honest but a little nervous about learning if my mindset of habit will take over the unusual will to use lots of colour. Time will tell.
Yesterday I decided to test myself and I picked 6 colours, some that I haven’t used before, mainly pastels from my stash of favourite yarn and started a new project, I know, I know I shouldn’t have, I have so many works in progress which I have promised myself that I would solely work on in August, not the best start hey, lol πŸ˜‚
It’s funny how colour can change the simplest of patterns, making it stand tall against the norm.
I’m not sure how long this mindset or adventure with colour will last, if I’ll be happy with the outcome or if I will ever finish the projects but for now I’m pretty happy that I’m opening up my mind to the possibilities of colour. And maybe just maybe, colour may flood my life in other ways.


A hug in a box πŸŽ

Quite simply, crochet feeds the human need for balance in our lives. Making something with our hands reflects something basic about ourselves. We want to work hard without losing touch with our creative selves; we want to earn money without losing our souls; and we want to be part of a larger picture of human progression while still maintaining our individuality.” – Vickie Howell

I hate the word crochet or is it just the mental picture of what the word represents.
People assume that crochet is for old people, sitting in a rocking chair wasting their time making Christmas jumpers, the same is said for knitters.
I find that to be rather sad and very untrue.
Ok I’m as small/short as a granny and I’m getting on a bit, safely sat in the 30’s 😩 but I’m far from claiming my pension.
I try to pick up my hook at least everyday if not I don’t like to leave it for more than two.
Sadly lately I haven’t been able to and I find that very hard.
Crochet to me is therapeutic, it calms my soul and gives me a purpose. It also helps my hands from seizing up.
It let’s my imagination run ride, it lets me create an individual piece of art, that will warp someone in love and warmth. To me that pretty special.
Crochet challenges me daily and keeps my brain in some kind of functioning order, which right now I need.
Most importantly though, it let’s me give a little something extra special to my family and friends.
Every stitch, every loop, every knot has been hooked with love especially for the person I am making it for.
To see their eyes alight when they pull open the wrapping and lift the lid of the specially picked box, peel back the handmade tissue paper and reveal the blanket that is a hug in a box. That moment melts you.

The only trouble is there is so many beautiful designs, patterns, masterpieces out there, how do you pick your next project, your next hug. And then when you finally decide on the perfect pattern, what yarn to use, and what colours?
I’m a self-confessed yarn addict, I have more than enough to keep me going for at least two life times 😝, but still I never seem to have the perfect yarn in the right shades so of course I have to buy more.
Every gift I make is unique in that way, hours of thought and love has been spent, planning that very individual special gift, then hours upon hours, days, weeks even months of hooking to make it.
No shop brought give can match that in my eyes,πŸ‘€ well unless it’s been given as much love and attention as what a home-made gift has. I’ll admit I’ve brought a few gifts that I’ve spent weeks researching and tracking down so I give the gift that I believed that person wanted.

So do you still feel crochet or knitting as something that only old people do or can you see it for the precious, heartfelt, caring, loving hug it really is?


A call out for Jenny

For those of you that are nifty with a crochet hook and have been following Jenny’s story, I’m calling out to you one last time to make Jenny’s dreams come true.

She has one last request, one that makes tears well and trickle down our cheeks.
She would love for you all to send her a crocheted or knitted FLOWER to decorate her coffin. 😒

This post is so hard to write but this girl deserves to have her dying wish come true.

You haven’t got long my lovelies as time is heartbreakingly running out so let’s make this happen for the warrior she is.
She’s fort so long, so hard and it’s devastating that this wee Jenny bird has to take flight and leave this uncanny world at such a young age. (She’s only 18)
She should have a lifetime of memories to make, mischief to causes and hearts to break. Sadly though she is too good for this earth and needs to spread her wings and take flight.

It doesn’t matter how good you are with a hook or needles, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve crafted for.
What matters is your heart and your kindness.
What matters is giving the absolutely gorgeous Jenny the send off she deserves and from what I’ve read, she deserves every piece of kindness and love that you can master.

Please be quick though and send a simple flower 🌺 to show Jenny and her mum Amanda that you care and that kindness and love is still out there.

Flowers are to be sent to :-

Little Box of Crochet,
Atlantic Business Centre,
Atlantic Street,
WA14 5NQ

Please also photographer your flowers and use #aflowerforjenny
So she can see them that way too.