Flashback Friday

It’s Friday, whoop, whoop.
Another week is over, this year is flying by already, I can’t believe it’s April already.
I’ve had a learning curve of a week, one of extreme highs and lows, days of feeling that the world is a very cruel, judgemental, nasty place. But also I’ve been able to see the good in life also.
I’ve learnt that some people are just out there to cause an argument and hurt people’s feeling just because they can.
Judgement has always been a strong hate of mine, Sadly it got the better of me this week and brought me feelings of anger to tears. Why can’t people just be nice to each other.😤
Anyway with that said and done, it’s time to burry those feelings and live life the best I can with the road I’m traveling on.
Life is what you make it, and we should all try to enjoy it the best we can, because life is way to short.
The flashback below is a reminder that life can change at any given moment.

To be loved ❤️


It’s been a while since a last blogged, sorry about that.
Life got taken over and I had no control.
One minute I was pottering around at home and the next thing I knew, I woke up in hospital nearly a week later, with my mum and dad holding my hand at my bedside.

It’s so funny how one minute I was in certain place, the next somewhere different and I have lost days.
It’s a strange feeling to say the least.

All I can say is Thank you to the people in my life that pulled together in my hours of need, from baby sitting my wonderful daughter, to looking after my puppy and spoiling them both rotten. To all my friends, packing up my house ready for my life changing move.
That must have been so hard for them, not knowing if they were packing up for a move or if they were packing up my belongings incase I didn’t pull through.
Guys I really can not thank you enough, you all are truly inspirational and wonderful friends.

The best thing about this whole situation was seeing my daughter and pups faces when I arrived home yesterday.
No sure which one wanted more cuddles.
It sure was a mad dash to see who could get to me the fastest.
Very very cute and heart warming.
That feeling of being loved is overwhelming and such a great feeling.
I guess it takes a grave situation to see how very lucky I am.
And even though I feel like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards, I really couldn’t feel more loved than I do right now.

I have forgotten how nice it feels, the strange thing is it’s always been there but I guess we all wear shutters to the delights of every day feelings.
We are all so blessed everyday, we just need to take a minute to look around, open our hearts and let ourselves feel it.

Right now I feel very lucky to feel air in my lungs, sun on my skin and love in my heart.

No matter what life throws at you, the knowing that you are never alone is over powering and it gives me a reason to keep fighting.
Life is way to short, I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way over the last few years.
But some moments which turn into memories makes life beautiful and breathtaking.