Damn right disgusted and disappointed.

I really do think we are the unluckiest family on earth. Sh** just keeps coming at full force.
We have just lived through, living through, one of the worst times of our life’s and seems to be getting worse by the day.(Give me strength)
I’ve learnt though that people just don’t care and spread lies and gossip, just to get attention, making a horrific situation a hundred times worse.
As my baby cousin fights for his life, our family do not need the added stress of teenagers spreading violence threats and outright lies.
Car accidents happen everyday and no one can control animals running in front of cars.
My baby cous saved the passengers life’s by controlling the car the best he could and making sure everyone had their seat belts on, thank the heavens that he did.
I really am disgusted at how cruel and damn right nasty teenagers can be.
Rant over 😡