Adjust your sails

imageNo matter if we want to admit it, life is a mixture of up and downs, good and bad day and yep, we all will have bad days. Even the happiest people in the world have bad days. We just need to remember that bad times are short-lived (mostly).
The weight of mistakes, the frustration of failure, and the aches of injuries fuel the happy instead of dragging them down. They know these events are making them wiser and stronger.
Happiness isn’t a temporary state of mind. Happiness is an enduring faith that what goes around comes around.
It’s a lifestyle that requires acknowledging that you are willing to do the work to make tomorrow a better day.
In any situation, it’s not your specific circumstances that shape you, it’s how you react to your circumstances.
You can’t direct the wind, but you can always adjust your sails.
When it rains look for rainbows,
when it’s dark out, look for stars.
Making a habit of this takes time and practice, but the positive effects will change the trajectory of your life.
It’s not easy to do, it’s really not but all we can do is try.
So when you feel down, fed up, lonely, angry, lost, just look around you and notice something, anything that makes you smile on the inside and hold onto that imagine, which in turn will help turn your mood/day around.

Good day

imageFinally a good day.
I went for my venesection today, which I have been doing 5 times a week for a good few months now.
Lucky for me that needles do not bother me but I will openly admit that it gets more painful everyday but that may be the fact that my veins don’t want to play anymore and have vanished. They seem to like to play hide and seek.
For those of you that have met me will know that my veins have always popped out and can been seen from a good mile away, lol.
Not now sadly, but one bonus is that my hands don’t look so old now. Whoop whoop to that.
Anyway, back to it.
The norm is for me to go in and have blood taken, which is then tested to check my levels.
My haemoglobin levels are normally through the roof, which is one reason I am having this treatment.
After the blood results are back, they have to have another fight with my veins in preparation to remove a pint of blood.
The needle is a lot bigger and it has started to hurt more each time they do it, why they can just leave it in, I really don’t know.
After the blood is taken, which takes nearly two hours as my blood is so thick, they clean me up and off I go, until the next day’s appointment.

Well today, was my lucky day, I want, they took blood, I waited for the results and the next needle to go in but nope, one happy smiling nurse comes back and tells me that, my level is 1% below which means I’m spared for today.

That felt so amazing to hear, a weight just lifted .
I never knew I could feel so chuffed to hear the words, “yes you can go home”

So for today, one blood test, kinda positive blood results and an afternoon of freedom.
Back tomorrow though to start all again and lung X-rays and heart monitoring. (kinda heard because its shattered in to a billion trillion pieces)

But for now I feel pretty damn chuffed.
High FIVE to today – Happy, Happy