I’m rubbish, I know

I’m rubbish, I know.
I missed Flashback Friday and haven’t post much lately. I’ve got no excuse for Fridays post apart from feeling a tad under the weather but I do have a reason for not posting during the week.

I was trying to sleep and my mind started racing, and before I knew it, I had written a really deep and meaningful blog in my mind.
Every word, every feeling, every emotion was just perfect and extremely meaningful.
I grabbed my iPad and typed in a few notes šŸ“ so by morning I wouldn’t forget and I could fill these pages with probably the most beautiful post I have written.
Morning comes after a very restless sleep and I awake and my mind is blank. šŸ¤”
Ever since then, I’ve been trying to remember, I’ve tried so hard to get those words, feelings and emotions down on paper. Every one has ended up in the bin, but still it plays on my mind.
I refused myself to write anything until I have mastered that post and still I sit here with a blank page and a swirling mind that can not express the words I need to make it as meaningful and pure as it once was.
It’s bugging the hell out of me. šŸ˜”