It makes my blood run cold

It’s beginning to really naff me off how narrow-minded people have become.
I have just been reading a thread about 24 hour childcare/nursery.
To me the idea of a 24 hour nursery is a good thing.
It would allow parents to work shifts and be able to know that their children are in a safe caring place.

On this thread people have dissed mothers for working when they have children, not only that but have gone off about parents not being at home while their child sleeps.

I’m sorry but not all parents can afford to stay at home and look after their children.
We all have to work and leave our children in child care at some point, be it with a family member, a friend, a preschool or nursery even school.
Really what is the difference between a friend, family or nursery, in all places that child is cared for, loved and given everything he or she needs, the plus of a nursery or child minder is they are trained and would have passed first aid.

Why is it ok to put your child in any of these places in the day but not at night?
Police, firefighters , ambulance man, Doctors, etc have to work shifts and they do so to put a roof over the heads of their loved ones.
They work the hours that no one wants to.
They work while their children sleep and are home when their children wake.
Why is it so different from being their when they come home from school, nursery etc.
I really don’t understand what the problem is.
Doesn’t every parent do their up most to give their children the best life they can, if that means working evening or night shifts then that’s what they have to do.
I’m sure as sure, they would do anything to stay at home and look after them selves but come on live in the real world, we work because we have to. We need to pay bills to keep a roof over our heads, to clothes the children and to feed them, petrol/diesel money to run them from clubs, to friends, to school etc etc.
As long as our children have clothes on their backs, food in their tummies, isn’t that what really counts!!!!

Of course the thread got on to benefits.
One man stating, if you don’t work you have no right to comment and if no benefits you have even less right.
This makes my blood run cold.

Benefits are not only for low life scum who trick the country out of taxpayers hard-earned money.
I know plenty of people who would do anything to work but they can’t because the jobs are not there, or they are not given the opportunity to prove their worth because they didn’t go to uni.
Not only that
Not every single person who claim are rat bags who say they can’t work but some how leave the house at the same time everyday and return at the same time everyday. We all know that they are playing the system and working.

It’s the honest people who get the flack and get abuse for not working. It makes me mad.

There are people out there that need help because no matter how hard they work, they can’t afford to pay the bills, clothes both the children and themselves and when it comes to tea time, they go without just so their children can eat.
Times are hard really hard, living day-to-day on a low-income to torture.
But somehow they hold their heads up high and do what ever hours sociable or not to get by, always putting their children first.
And still they get abuse for needing child care.
No matter what the working class can not win.
Any little help that the government decide to give eg housing benefit, working family tax credit etc makes life a little easier but then
BAM, you are then classed as a low life scum because you take the tax payers money.
It’s wrong so wrong.

What about the poor people who can’t work due to health, no fault of their own, just life’s cruel game.
I have met so many people due to my own illness, that really are not making ends meat because they can’t work due to their conditions.
I have met families who have worked every hour God sends to keep a roof over their heads, they have paid tax all their lives and now they are sick they stand to lose everything.
The help they get from the government just doesn’t touch the bills or the mortgage.
People are loosing their homes through no fault of their own, not only that, they get endless abuse for having to go on benefits.
It’s so wrong, it’s heart breaking.
And we are lucky, with have the NHS, we have free hospital care, and even though it is shocking at times, we are one of the luckiest country’s.
I dread to think about the amount of money I would have to pay each month if it wasn’t for the NHS.

We live in a very judgement, uncaring world.
We need to open our eyes and see how lucky we are.

We all need help now and again, there is no shame in that, no shame at all.