Just wanted to say

imageJust wanted to say sorry for lack of posts lately, it’s been a crazy six weeks, but reality should return tomorrow as my little beauty heads back to school.
It’s been so wonderful having her with me 24 7 for nearly the last seven weeks and I don’t want her to go back, especially with the amount of tears that have been flowing over the last few days. She really dislikes school and it breaks my heart to see her so distressed at going back.
Tomorrow morning will for sure be a hard one.
On a good note, our new roof is on and builders are no more, well for the minute anyway. Going to miss their ugly mugs around the place though.

My last few weeks have been kinda wonderful, and I finally got to rest for a few days at my mum and dads but boy it’s so hard leaving the peacefulness of Devon.
I can’t wait to go back and relax by the open fire or to sit and read by the bubbling broke. Life is magical there, picking your own fruit from the trees, such a simple thing, but definitely one of life’s little pleasures. I will say that if I have to eat a fry up for breakfast again it may just be to soon. Don’t get me wrong they are very yummy, I’m just a little bored of them after having one every morning while I was visiting.

Right I best get back to it and leave you for now, hopefully not for to long though.
Have a wonderful day.