Flashback Friday

With Friday nearly over and it’s time to try to sleep, hoping the nightmares will give me a little rest bite if only for tonight.
Of late my sister has been haunting my dreams.
As I run around dream land I desperately search for her, never seeing her face and she always out of reach.
All I want to do is hold her and see her beautiful face and hear her brilliant laugh that would turn heads and all would begin to laugh or smile along with her.
I miss her, I really miss her.
It seems like I spend my whole life missing people.

As Friday is just about with us still, there is just enough time to flash back, it’s Friday after all.

So here you have it……

I remember.

I remember holding hands and skipping along the road, singing our childhood songs, siting on the stones by the old pier watching the waves crash against the shore.
Making wishes on the first star we saw.
How sweet and innocent we were back then, thinking we had all the time we needed, that life was endless and we would go on forever.
I remember you being scared at the thunder storms and you running and jumping in bed with me, snuggling in as tight as you could.
I would tell you story’s of princess’s, castle, fairies and brave knights that would whisk you off you feet.
Our dream world was perfect and as long as we had each other, the monsters could not get us.
From teddy bear tea party’s to climbing trees, our adventures were wonderful and as we grow, our bond and friendship became our strength, our hope and our understanding.
Now for what ever reason you’re to good for this world and I’ve lost you, in doing so I lost apart of my soul, but I hold on to our memories and pray that you are safe and looking down on me, looking out for me.
The love that we shared will always be with me and as my silent tears fall as I think of you my baby sister, I smile at the joy and pleasure your brought to my life.
And I will not cry any more because one day, when I’m wise and old I will see you again and we can sing like children, make wishes upon stars and hold hands like we did before but this time it will be extra perfect because we will never be parted in sorrow again.
I miss you, love you, my dear sister.
Watch over me ❤


Within the depths

imageFor when my bass are long and hard and the nightmares become overwhelming reality, I have to remind myself of this……..
Life can be a struggle.
It will break you sometimes.
Nobody can protect you from that, and hiding alone in a cave somewhere won’t either, for prolonged solitude will also break you with an endless thirst for connection.
You must dare to live.
You must dare to feel.
It is the reason you are here on earth.
You are here to sacrifice your time and take risks. You are here to be bruised by life.
And when it happens that you are hurt, let yourself sit quietly with your eyes closed and remember all the good times you had, and all the sweetness you tasted.
Tell yourself how amazing it was to live, and then open your eyes and live some more.
To never struggle would be to never have been blessed with life. It is within the depths of darkness that you discover within you an inextinguishable light, and it is this light that illuminates the way forward.