Just the way you are

imageGood morning, and welcome to another wet dull summers day. (I don’t think summers turning up this year)
Having to remind myself of this today
It’s never too late or too early to be who you are capable of being. There’s no time limit, you can simply start and stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. You can make the best or the worst of it. It’s up to you.
Try and do things that startle you. Feel things you’ve never felt before. Spend time with people who help you grow. Live a life you’re proud of.

If you find that you’re not, have the courage to make a change.
You are unique.
You are unrepeatable.
There is a magic about you that is all your own.

Having a low opinion of yourself is not humility, it’s self-destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not egotism, it’s a necessary precondition to happiness and success.
You deserve to wear a smile in your heart. Not because of what you have or what you do, but because of who you are.
Yes, you are changing each day, but you are always amazing just as you are.

Just a little note

imageLittle note to myself ……
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Discontent is the principal necessity of positive growth, but only if you do something constructive with it. Without deviation from what you’ve been doing, progress is not possible.
Don’t be someone who goes through greater lengths to avoid change than you do to obtain what you desire.
You must define and embrace the necessary changes that move you forward.
Your life will begin to improve when you define precisely what ‘improve’ means to you.
The agonies and frustrations will start to ease only when you have something real and positive to replace them with.
Happiness is not a goal, it’s the result of a life well lived or loved.
The question is…

How do you want to live going forward?

You must decide exactly where you wish to go. Create a formidable intention for yourself, and feed that intention with the passion and energy that’s in your desire for change.
Go beyond your discontent for what is, and instead focus on imagining and creating the best of what’s possible.
Clearly know where you wish to go, and then take the first real step that gets you there.