United We Stand

Waking up this morning to a terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester aimed at primarily teens and the disabled, with 22 dead and 59 injured so far, it absolutely sickens me.
This country needs to pull together and start fighting back now, this shouldn’t just be left until the next one happens.

To all those parents who won’t be able to hug their children and tell them they love them this morning, my heart bleeds for you.


Touching the mist

imageA very special lady wrote this for my wonderful caring, loving friend who has moved on to what will all hope is a better place.
(I can’t believe it’s been two years already. We all miss that cheeky smile, that dry wit and that heart of gold.)
I know I have shared this before with you all but it seems right to post it again.

Touching the mist.
there`s a little piece of you in a special place in me, there`s a little piece of me in a special place in you, forever in unison, we dance away, never to touch, like the night and day.
I threw my inspiration……. into the river of life, a journey of infinite currents……. from love to strife, so close to meeting, nearly virtual free, then……. a turbulent current….. took thee, A rapid…… a disconnection……… in the physical we are split, within spiritual harmony for us…… a new path may be lit, so this is not the finale, nor is this the END…. Just part of our cosmic journey, My would have been lover, my spiritual friend.

(By Luella)