Standing up

Today is the day I said “NO More” and took my baby girl out of school.

I can’t believe that the school have not done jack about her getting bullied.
I’ve given them chance after chance and still I pick Marly-Kate up every day, eyes over whelmed with tears, that flow as soon as she spots me.
Months and month, years if I’m stating facts, of tear every single school day, before and after school.
We have had enough.
I warned them that I would remove her until she can be in a safe environment and all they did was suggest they move her into a different class.
Why Should she be punished by having to leave the teacher she likes and the few friends she has.
Nope, that isn’t happening.
She’s not the bully, she the one that goes through hell every single day.
Enough is a enough.
Maybe they will actually start to listen now.
But in truth I should not have to go to these measures!!!


Wake me up……

Summer days and the living is easy, smash, bam, with a blink of an eye you’ve missed it.
New, washed, ironed uniform is at the ready, school bags packed and a lunch box waiting to fill with carrot sticks, and all things healthy (school rules suck).
The rain starts creepy back in, as do the darker evenings and the mornings somehow seem cozier, so much harder to drag our ass’s out of bed.
Alarm clocks placed over the opposite side of the room, saving it from the fate of being launch across the room when it rudely makes you jump out of your skin with its high pitch squeal also making it impossible to hit that much-loved snooze button that I’m sure we all favour.
How we hate that little invention that was made for one purpose………to torture.
Smiles disappear, replaced with frowning and uncontrollable sobbing 😭 even the occasional stamping of feet, not just from the little girl who will looks incredibly smart in her pure white shirt, shiny black shoes but also from mum who wants one extra cup of coffee before dragging herself out the door and doing that dreaded school run, full of judgment, stuck up mothers with faces full of makeup and the perfect hair while you try desperately to fix your jeans so your pj’s that are creeping further up your butt cheeks don’t give away that you rushed out the door without removing those normally every so comfy pj bottoms.
Then comes that ear piecing ring of the bell 🔔, a stampede of running children tripping over each other to be the first inline, a hard tug of the jeans that risks exposing those pjs, as tears begin to flow uncomfortably, making it look as if you’ve forgotten that tanner lady 😜 as your darling perfect child try’s her up most to hide behind you, holding on for dear life.
Please wake me up when September ends!!!


What is wrong with schooling these days?

What is it with schools these days?
Why can’t they help the children who have a passion for certain subjects?
One of my cousins children is extremely passionate about spirit, all he wants to do is complete and improve on his skills and his personal bests. He dreams of complete for his country and if I do say so myself, he’s bloody fast.
He recently has started competing for the youth development league and for his home town, he’s been offered private sponsorship but still the school have no interest or intention to help him, they haven’t even given him a place in the school athletic team, which is an utter disgrace on their part.
This child has goals, dreams and a future planned out which he understands could only stay as a dream due to many different obstacles such as being spotted.
I know the struggles he faces as I was once a very talented athlete who was lucky enough to be spotted and trained, sadly life had different plans for me and I let my dream of running for England go within baby steps of making it. (One of my biggest regrets in life so far)
Shouldn’t these teachers be pushing him, training him, encouraging him, doing their up most to help him fulfill his dreams which I believe he is more than capable of achieving, he’s good, really, really good.
A few weeks ago I went to watch him compete and my god that child flies, he is fast, I mean very fast and at such a young age.
If I have noticed and a complete stranger has noticed, why haven’t the school.
He keeps telling me that they are an IT school and that’s all they care about. It’s totally wrong and makes my blood boil.
This young lad also is pretty damn good with math, he sits and plays maths puzzles online just for fun but still the school haven’t picked up on his talent and love for math. In infants he would be doing his much older bothers homework and get everything right.
For some reason that passion has faded now and he openly admits that it’s down to his teachers. 👨‍🏫
I just don’t get it, why would they let this fire burn out, why have they let him give up on something so important. Isn’t school all about Math and English, aren’t they the key to college? (I have my own views on that, but hey ho, that how the school rolls)
It really does infuriate me.
Marly-Kate’s school is the same, she has her passions, and they don’t seem to care, they seem to hold her back, at least she has a whizz kid living with us that is teaching her all about computer science, coding etc and thank god for programs on-line that are now focusing on young children learning code.

I really believe that the schooling system is wrong, the way they teach is wrong, maybe not for some, but Marly-Kate is a visual learner, she learns through doing and not being preached at.
I know some child learn well that way but what about the children that are left behind because they don’t, it really is a sad kettle of fish.

I’m not sure if my ramblings is getting my point across, maybe the below video will sum it up better.
I just hope that things can change a little and give the child a chance at their dreams, their goals, their destinies.

Flashback Friday

imageWhat an end to the week, tears, tears and more tears.
Marly-Kate has cried buckets for the last two days and there isn’t anything I can do to help her.
Why does she hate school so much. It’s breaking my heart to see her sob so deeply.
And the worst part is I have to watch her every morning when the teacher prize her off my legs.
I hate that I can’t just say “that’s it, no more school”

On a happier note, our little kitten had his bits chopped off this week and he has transformed into a different kitten.
I now have one big soppy lap cat. It’s a far way from running at our legs jumping and claiming up that happens every time he want food, lol. 😜

So it’s that time again the rewind time and look back on old blog posts.
So here it is and it’s kind of perfect for the way I feel today.

What do you do with a bully???

It been a week of mixed emotions, from anger, hate, disappointment, disgust, love, compassion.
My baby girl, started school and she hates it.
She cries every morning to the point of being sick. She exhausts her self to the point she can’t breathe because a few children have taken a dislike to her because she is different from them.
Because she can’t run as fast, and play for as long as her.
Because she likes to sit and colour or read her books.

So what do you do with a bully ?

I think I have gone through every emotion possible.
From wanting to tell the children off, to making Marly-Kate stand up to herself and hit the little bullies, to feeling sorry for the children.
To disappointment in the children’s parents for not teaching them the meaning of compassion and that everyone is different.
The school haven’t been great, and I’m at the point of taking her out because I hate, hate, hate seeing her in pain.
But then it clicked that these poor children are not to blame but it’s the sick world we live in, it’s the media, their up bringing and how maybe they are treated at home.

All I can do now is try to have compassion for them and somehow get my daughter to understand that they just haven’t been brought up the way she has.
That not everyone has a pure heart and some people are just angry at the world.

All I hope right now is that they ease off her and they don’t change the beautiful caring loving soul that she is.
Getting her in the door of her class room is the hard part.

Flashback Friday

image It’s Friday, and that means one thing, it’s Flashback time. 😃

Before that though, how fast are the weeks rolling into months into our own memories.
The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, it’s hasn’t stopped. Two apparently awesome weekends, spent with amazing people. Loads of laughter, smiles and totally silliness. It’s been fun and it’s not over yet, it’s the weekend after all. 😜
Life is flying by, there is not enough time in the day but there is always tomorrow.
Any way back to it.
Today I’m sharing with you a flash back from many moons ago, when life was simple but just didn’t seem that way then. If the hands of time could tick backwards I would love to do it all again but how different I would be.
My head would be down and I would want to listen, I would want to learn. I would want to give myself the best chance at life I could but I wouldn’t change the fun, the laughter, the mischief.
So without further ado, I give you

Today I have been reading my old school reports, they did make me laugh. It’s good to smile 🙂

Thought I would share a few parts with you.
It’s shocking really.
Got to say I wasn’t the brightest, or driven pupil. I hated school.

Tutor comments.
Although at times a little disorganized Roseanne is a very enthusiastic and cheerful pupil who is always willing to help.
After a somewhat shakey term I am pleased to report that Roseanne has settled down and now seems far happier. Roseanne is a very caring and considerate pupil and an asset to the group.

Roseanne has made steady progress. Her ability to write and enjoy poetry is evident, and her use of language is increasingly more confident.

Mathematics Faculty.
Roseanne must try to be more organised in her approach to lessons and homework. I’m sure that a little more concentration would result in a more overall standard.

Roseanne has had an unsettled term. Her work has been very untidy and she has been forgetting about handing in her book for marking. Overall test result is 49%.

Religious Studies.
Test result 24%, this is very disappointing.
Handwriting and presentation requires special care.

Continues to mature in ideas and presentation.

Physical Education Faculty.
Unfortunately Roseanne has yet to reveal her full potential, as all too often she appears content to take a back seat, despite the fact that she is an extremely talented pupil capable of achieving high levels of success.
Roseanne has produced a particularly high standard of work this term. Despite struggling with her tennis she is always willing to accept advice in an attempt to improve. However her commitment to Athletics has been over whelming and worthy of great praise.
Roseanne is a regular attender of after school clubs and has represented the u13 athletics team.

Hmmmm, how bad is

The world at our fingertips

imageHaving my baby cousin lodging with me while he goes through college has opened my mind to how much life has changed since I was a teenager.
Mostly for the better but also not.
It’s made me wonder how my own life would have been with the freedom, the knowledge, the free speech that teenagers have today.

If I had sat down with my step dad and talked through the topics that myself and my baby cousin do, I think I would have had the belt across my back side and spent weeks in my room walking on eggshells.
Teenagers really don’t know how lucky they are.

School – wow if I could go back now, I think I may even learn something.
The help these kids get is amazing. No longer are they just thick and told they will not amount to anything. (the story of my school life)
These kids are given laptops and full use of spell check. No more are dictionaries thrown across the room at you while being shouted at to look it up. They also have a one to one helping them if they need it.
Gone are the days were education is just the standard English, English literature, Math, Science, Art, Drama and PE.
They have the world at their finger tips with trips to college to start NVQ’s in what ever they fancy and b techs that from what I have been told are sometimes a higher level than GCSEs and NVQ’s, strange that they don’t count as the c and above grads that you need to get into college.
Gone are the days of trips to the library to look stuff up for homework, waiting lines for photocopiers so you can take your information home with you.
Now you have the world at your fingertips.
The biggest change of all !!! 😀
When I was a school we had this huge, I mean huge computer that had to be wheeled around the school and yeah there was only one for a good few years. In the last few year we got one computer room and boy that seemed like heaven.
Now every home has one, it no longer jams up the phone line and doesn’t take a good half hour or more to load. But still we all swear away at the Internet for not being fast enough 😝

There are no more days of sneaking out for the crafty cigarette that you spent your dinner money on to buy. If your old enough you have a dedicated smoking area. (guess it could take the fun out of not getting caught, I swear that’s why half of us did it. We were breaking the rules which was always fun.)

The biggest change I would say is that the children are treated with respect and as adults almost like friends.
The stories I have heard about my cousins teachers are very interesting to say the least.
I give my up most respect to teachers, they must have one of the hardest jobs in the world.
30+ children in one room that more than likely only want to be there for their social life’s, that know that the worst you can do is send them to the head and maybe get time off school or one to one in isolation.
A huge high-five to all you teachers and class room assistants, your all saints in my book.

Knowing all this would YOU go back?

Life is a continuous school

imageDon’t let fear of embarrassment stop you from trying something new. Sometimes we withhold ourselves from novelty because we’re afraid some people might call us silly or stupid. Shying away from trying something new stops your growth and your evolution. It stops you from acquiring new skills and knowledge.

Life is a continuous school.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to learn something enriching. If you think your new project might seem ridiculous to some people, turn those thoughts around in a funny or a disarming way, and go ahead and take the classes that interest you. And if people judge you for it, feel sorry for them, for simple minds are usually amused by simple things.

I have been trying a lot of new things over the last year and I have to say that even though I learn differently to others, and everything seems to take a little longer for me to master until I do it my way and then it just clicks.
Giving my mind something other than pain to think about has helped me more than I ever thought.
It’s has far from fixed me but has given me a little peace. To me that is a very good thing.